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Our love affair with Horses has been on-going for over 50+ years!  Irwin's Quarter Horses is a family owned & operated business driven by respect, love, & admiration for the AQHA breed.  We invite you to look around & enjoy your visit at our home on the world wide web.

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Years of dedication to the breed have us deeply committed to breeding, raising, & showing a caliber of horses that meet our criteria: Well bred, sound, eye appealing, good moving, & above all, good minded horses. This is what we strive to attain at Irwin's Quarter Horses. We are proud to stand two stallions: Ima Cool Irwin, & Purdy Fine Irwin . We feel that these stallions are true to the integrity of the breed. They  posses and pass on all of the qualities we are striving for. The get of stallions we have owned and bred have earned close to 15000 points in AQHA, APHA, Pinto & Appaloosa shows, plus numerous awards, Saddles, Buckles, Superiors, All Arounds , Worlds show titles & high points in open and Amateur divisions etc. We are most proud of the fact that most of these points have been earned by amateur & youth exhibitors. This shows that our horses encompass what any breed should strive to attain; horses that are truly a pleasure to own.

Irwin's Quarter Horses is proudly owned and operated by  Sharlis, Kami, & Jaimin Irwin.

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