barn babys


2012 Foals

Purdy Fine Irwin/Bee My Quincy Star

Black Colt



 Congratulations to Margi Tatlow

and her lovely mare Pennies on the Bar

2012 Sorrel Filly by Purdy Fine Irwin


2010 foals

ima cool irwin----- Pandora


2009 Foals


A Red Dun Colt

" Phoenix"

Ima Cool Irwin and Skips Kalamazoo Cat


LOOKS LIKE a Black Filly

 Lady Diana Sierra and Purdy Fine Irwin

Congratulations to The Unger Family


Bob Olson's Mare { Be my Quincy Star}

Flashy Beautiful Colt

Sire: Ima Cool Irwin

( photo to come)


Beautiful Black Filly



June 09

Irwinetta Cool and Purdy Fine Irwin



Congratulations To all of our Friends.

These 2008 foals

are outstanding.


"Commotion Caused" "Tank"

Won The Pinto Worlds

2008 World Champion Weanling Colt!!!

Dam: Irwins Purdy Glitzy APHA/AQHA

Sire: Tributes Mister APHA/AQHA

Colt Born Jan 14 2008


("Purdy Wild Irwin" Grandson-- "Ima Cool Irwin" Great Grandson)


Congratulations Pam !!

We couldn't be more thrilled for you

(2008 world champion)

Tank" is one outstanding Colt

Irwins Purdy Glitsy (Tank's mom) is a Purdy wild Irwin daughter. out of a Ima Cool Irwin daughter. (Irwins Lilbit Cool)

See mare below...


Bay Filly Born May 2 

Purdy Fine Irwin

She's Scott Free- TB

Congratulations. Jackie and Randy




filly April 7th 2:00 am

"Coochie Cool Irwin" and "Purdy Fine Irwin"


Photo's July 26 2008

Big, Bay and Beautiful



The Lohr's filly  "Miley"

(born  April 6 2008)

Sire: Ima Cool Irwin....  Their beautiful mare "MBF Taste of honey"

June 2

"Miley" is VERY nice thanks for the new photo's



Bob Olsen  his colt (Edward)

see his brother on the congrats page. "Cools lite"

By Ima Cool Irwin  and  Bob's nice mare "Bee My Quincy Star"


Diane Unger's Bay colt .."JC"

By Purdy fine Irwin  and "Lady Diana Sierra"( this is a pretty mare)


The Irwins.   I love my baby. He is the cutest ever. He has the cutest face, straightest legs, excellent bone, and the muscles are all there. So far he has the best, and most positive attitude. He really makes me smile , especially when I see his cute little ears listening for me when I walk in barn . He loves his very patient big sister by Cool. He hangs off her tail once in a while. hmmmm? Thanks most of all to Charlie " Purdy fine Irwin".

Thank you Diane.



March 2 2008

May 14


"Purdy Fine Irwins" First foal

We are SOOOOOOO Pleased with her.... She is lovely

"Hillary" is by Purdy Fine Irwin. Out of a Ima Cool Irwin Daughter ( Irwins lilbit Cool)


Watch for updates

When you have a foal from one of our stallions, please let us know so we can show it off